IMA Pharmaceuticals is a reliable Canadian company located in London, Ontario, providing various and premium products for a diverse selection of customers. We are committed to manufacture and market our products through health regulated international pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. Our product range includes Infant Milk Formulas, Natural Health Supplements, Nutraceuticals, and Cosmeceuticals.


IMA Pharmaceuticals was established by a group of pharmacists with more than 20 years of pharmaceutical business experience. Our vision is to become a reputable and trusted provider of high-quality and affordable pharmaceutical products. We promise that our customers will be satisfied as we are dedicated to seeking out the best international health regulated pharmaceutical facilities to produce our high-quality products at affordable prices. These manufacturers are approved by FDA cGMP appr


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The efficacy and safety of our products have been proven in clinical trials and/or are supported
by approved health regulatory claims.

Manufacturing of our products is performed by North American and European approved facilities, ensuring a guaranteed and consistent high quality.


Age and gender:

IMA Pharmaceuticals makes it a priority to provide exceptional products that encompass the needs of males and females of all ages. We also make it our responsibility to cater to newborn infants with premium infant formula products. We are also developing more products to add to our already diverse selection.

Health benefits:

By ensuring a top of the line range of products, we make it a priority to serve our customers with premium products that are compatible with a diverse range of health portfolios. IMA Pharmaceuticals is also dedicated to continue developing more products to cater to any health need.

Soon to come:

As IMA Pharmaceuticals is a growing company, our range of products are expected to increase over time. There are numerous exciting commodities launching soon in markets as we are committed to providing formulas according to the needs of our valued customers.